Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Potty training: day 1

I did a lot of research on this subject, both online and through other mothers, and the best advice was to just switch him to big boy undies, and he'll wet his pants. Most likely he will not like the wetness and choose the potty. Don't worry, he should be using the potty in about 3 days tops.

Last week I went to the store and bought him big boy undies with Diego on them, plus a bag of pull ups for the trips out of the house. I figured that this week from Tuesday to Thursday (3 days) I would spend dedicated only to potty training. This morning I took off the overnight diaper and put the undies on him with a pair of pajama pants. We are on hour number 2 1/2 and he's been walking around with wet pants for about 1 1/2 hours. He doesn't care. He was excited about the undies, tells me no about the potty, and walks around with wet pants. I pictured this so much different in my mind.

After I wrote this, he went again in his already damp pants, only this time he made a mess on the hardwood floor. When I came in to check on him, he was sitting on the floor in his soaken wet pants, playing with his trucks. I cleaned up the little puddle, scooped him up, changed him and put him back in pull ups. Guess he is not interested in the potty just yet.


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