Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nothing cuter....

There is nothing cuter than, when you go into your son's room to kiss him good night after coming home from school and he just so happens to be awake still, he looks up at you with those big brown eyes and says "Happy Birthday Mama!"

Friday, July 27, 2007

Never stops....

I never stop. From the time that I get up in the morning, until the time I go to bed, I never stop. I was thinking about not doing anything today, but I couldn't fathom sitting around when there is stuff to be done. There is always stuff to be done. I feel like I have more work to do now that I don't work during the day! I am not in the least complaining though. I have a great time with my son every single day. Even if I have things to be done I still find time to play with him.

Work is going well. My co-worker quit today, which means that I guess I'll have to be responsible now. I liked not having any worrys or dealing with any managers. Just do my job and be out of there. Plus the new person will need me to tell them how to do things, so I'll need to know more for that. I really hope the new person is cool, because I'm going to have to spend 7 hours a night alone with that person.

Today is my anniversary. 5 years. We are going out to dinner. I'm the romantic one I guess. I will be planning the dinner. On our first anniversary I said to him that I'll plan the first one, he can plan the next and so on. We'll alternate. That worked out well considering I've planned the last 5 years. Grammy is babysitting over night. Probably the first time we've spent time together in a while and I plan to rest. Rest, eat and drink! Maybe I'll send myself some roses. That'll be sweet of me!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Wimbledon 2007

Can't figure out the video uploading just yet, but turn up the volume for this!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's been awhile and I've got nothing. Didn't want my blog to collect any more dust than it already has. I will say that the wedding was amazing. I cried about 8 times all day! They couldn't of been happier. Work is good. Money is better. We have been so busy all month and I haven't felt inspired to write.

I will say that Quinn is calling me Rach and not mommy. That's funny.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wedding day jitters

Not for the bride and groom either. For me. This is a time when my oh so lovingly disfunctional family all comes together as one, and if my uncle ruins my brother's day with "memories" of my father, then I will have to kick him in the nuts.

Not that memories of my father are at all bad. It is just that he finds the WORST times to start talking about them. I'm sure my brother(s) are both sad that their father couldn't see this, but let's not dwell on it.

This weekend will be extremely fun and busy! Tomorrow is set up day at the reception hall, and then the rehersal later that night. I have to pick up hubby's suit, my dress, and several boxes of kleenex for me....then all will be done.

I can't believe my baby brother is getting married. Dear brother: I love you very much. You have always been so tough in all that has happened in your life. You keep a smile on your face and a positive attitude through it all, all while trying to make sure that everyone else does the same. I am so happy that you found a wonderful woman that you can spend the rest of your life with. Love always, Sissy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slowly Recovering.

I am slowly getting used to the fact that my niece will have my favorite baby name. Soon to get over it I'm sure. There are other names out there, right?

I mentioned briefly that I loved my new job. I do. It is such an easy job and I was trained before my first day was over. I start my schedule tonight, working 3:30 to 11. Plus this is a job where I'll be able to get my homework done while I'm there. Leaving even more free time for the fam!

My baby brother's wedding is this Saturday! My dress is in the shop getting "taken in". Which means from the time I tried it on, until the time I brought it home, I lost weight. That was a good thing! Quinn's tux is hanging up and ready to go. I found black socks for him at Old Navy after searching three stores. He is getting his hair cut today. We'll see if he sits by himself this time.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

To be titled, WTF?

Remember that good old post about my friend stealing my baby name. Did I mention that she didn't use the name?

I see her on the 16th at Target in the parking lot. We are just shooting the shit, when she says, "oh by the way we are naming her Emma". Thanks for getting me all worked up for nothing.

She had the baby on the 17th and named her Emma. Congrats to her.

Fast forward to tonight. I'm at this family party, and all is fine until my husband's sister nudges me and says, "Did you see that thing that she (meaning sis in law) made?" I said no, and take a peek.

The name that seems to be so popular amongst my closest friends and apparently family members is on that plate craft thingy she made. "Avary Caite". Bitch. Now they have been keeping the sex of the baby a secret and have not spoken of any names yet. Now I see why.

Are you friggin kidding me? I've loved the name Averie since I was 10. There I said it. Now the whole fuckin world can have it. And that's how I would of spelled it, and her middle name was to be Michelle.

So take it. It's up for grabs now.

BTW I started the job on Monday. Love it. It is perfect for me right now.