Friday, May 18, 2007

So the buzz on the street is I got a new job. I am excited to start next Monday. Full time training for one week then on to the part time hours that I love so much.

I'll explain how it happened, and then you will see how keeping your mouth shut will not open doors.

About 3 weeks ago I called my manager over and asked him if I can move locations to be, what they call, a point caller. A point caller is a person who leaves messages all day (which is what I felt like I was doing anyways). I asked if they made more money an hour. He wasn't sure, but I was able to run and talk to HR about this if I would like. I go to the payroll window, where she tells me to call HR on the phone right next to the window. HR tells me that I will need my managers permission to switch locations. Which is who sent me over here to talk to YOU. Needless to say, I didn't get anywhere.

I come back to my desk and this girl next to me whispers, "psst, are you thinking about leaving?" I whisper back that I have been looking and nothing I find is right for the hours I need. She whispers back that there is an opening at the help desk and I should check it out.

I did. Turns out they need a night person (perfect!!!!) and the only sacrifice I would be making is if I could work Sundays instead of Saturdays. To top it off I wouldn't have to work Friday anymore either.

Two weeks go by, and paperwork is filled out and given to the proper managers. Word was given to the managers by my new fellow coworker that he knew who I was and they should hire me!

They call me into the office last Friday for my interview. I get a call this past Tuesday and I'm on my way.

The best part? I not only get to keep all of the same hours, but I don't have to make calls anymore, and it pays more per hour plus automatic bonuses!!!!


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