Saturday, May 26, 2007

To be titled, WTF?

Remember that good old post about my friend stealing my baby name. Did I mention that she didn't use the name?

I see her on the 16th at Target in the parking lot. We are just shooting the shit, when she says, "oh by the way we are naming her Emma". Thanks for getting me all worked up for nothing.

She had the baby on the 17th and named her Emma. Congrats to her.

Fast forward to tonight. I'm at this family party, and all is fine until my husband's sister nudges me and says, "Did you see that thing that she (meaning sis in law) made?" I said no, and take a peek.

The name that seems to be so popular amongst my closest friends and apparently family members is on that plate craft thingy she made. "Avary Caite". Bitch. Now they have been keeping the sex of the baby a secret and have not spoken of any names yet. Now I see why.

Are you friggin kidding me? I've loved the name Averie since I was 10. There I said it. Now the whole fuckin world can have it. And that's how I would of spelled it, and her middle name was to be Michelle.

So take it. It's up for grabs now.

BTW I started the job on Monday. Love it. It is perfect for me right now.


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