Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lindsay Lohan and a bag full of stolen purses......

That does not mean that Lindsay Lohan actually stole purses, by any means. I do not know what goes on in her personal life, and truthfully I do not care, but she entered my mind last night in the deepest of sleeps and brought stolen purses to myself and my friends. We were hanging out together. Didn’t know until that moment that we were actually friends, but apparently we were. Very nice girl I might add. She then brought over this big bag of stolen purses which were Chino Purses (in the dream world must be very expensive, but in reality I found out only go for a mere $15.95), and my friends wanted one and were all so jealous of me that I got one and was hanging with none other than Lindsay Lohan.

I did some research and found out what certain things meant in my dream. That STEAL/STEALING/STOLEN is the feeling that something is taken from you, or you are taking something, without agreement. Feelings of being unloved might enter into this, as you will feel you are stealing what is not willingly given. PURSE is something in your nature you value and try not to lose; your sense of identity and power to be socially acknowledged as an effective person; a woman's sexual feelings; the vagina. BAG means female sexuality. But if it is a handbag-purse it often stands for your sense of identity and ability to get your needs socially, or be identified. So in this case it can show what you feel about yourself as a social force, what you carry with you. You may be feeling a loss of self-esteem for instance. CELEBRITY is meeting or being a celebrity may show that you desire to be noticed and acclaimed. Or the famous person may be your own potential, often unacknowledged, and projected onto dream character.
If you are deferring to the character, or feeling they have power over you, they may be showing how you relate to a parent. If you have difficulty relating to the famous person, you may be struggling with accepting yourself as respected, or your desire ambitions and efforts to become successful. Sometimes: The person may, because of their life or role, represent a particular quality such as courage, love, 'ruling' drives in life, authority, etc.
I then came to the conclusion that I have low self esteem and am not getting laid. Or crotch envy for that matter. I am, however, having some sort of loss of myself for the moment as I am not feeling too happy with the career path I have chosen.

Hopefully I can fix this in the near future and find celebrity friends my own age.

Are you a good blogger or a bad blogger....

This shall be my very first blog post. Bear with me as I am learning the ropes!!!