Thursday, January 26, 2006


when Beavis and Butthead always sang Ironman by Black Sabbath? I'm hearing that song right now on 97 Rock and that's all I can think of when I hear it.

My favorite episode was when they cut their hair and glued it to their faces, then went to the mall to pick up chicks. They had glue and hair all over their hands and faces. Classic stupid humor.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


My business law text book was $202 at school, but I am getting a new copy of it at The College Store for $149....

Did you ever wonder if, 10-20 years from now, that in order to get married you will have to have DNA testing done? If you think of all the people procreating with many different partners, or sperm donors or adoption all over the place, that the next generation may end up falling in love with a relative??? What are the odds?

Did you ever wonder what people mean when they say, "you look how I feel"? What does this mean? Do you feel happy? Then thanks for the compliment. Do you feel like shit? Then thanks for the insult. How are you supposed to feel about that comment.

Just some random things today!

Rachel(e) needs...

I thought I'd play along thanks to Garv.

If I spell my name the way I spell it, it doesn’t work, but if I spell it Rachel, then this is what I need…..

Rachel needs Netflix friends
Rachel needs some good thoughts
Rachel needs help when she enters Manhattan's meat-packing district to help three transvestite hookers find out who murdered one of their friends
Rachel needs updated information on the Leadership page.
Rachel needs to have blush that is very bright and colorful
Rachel needs to buck-up
Rachel needs some pennies from heaven by the end of the summer
Rachel needs guidance and normal supervision

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Street names

There are two streets that run through Kenmore that are parallel to each other then meet up to each other at two points.

Who's bright idea was it to name them both Delaware?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Is bumping music in anymore?

Every now and then there is this car that passes by my house around 11 pm or so with his "bumping" speakers. I can just picture it. A white cutless supreme with tinted windows and maybe some dice* hanging from the rear-view.

Can anyone tell me if this is still cool? When I was in college at Alfred, I remember all these guys would talk about how big their speakers were in the car. Some of them so big that in the passenger seat was a small woofer (or whatever I have no idea), because they ran out of room in the back seats and the trunk. One of my guy friends actually asked if I could hold it on my lap when he drove me home. That's a 2 hour drive with this box in your lap. I remember riding in that car. I think my heart actually became in sync with the beat.

I don't hear this too often anymore except for the mysterious car that drives past my house, and I'm glad too because I never really understood the concept.

*still questioning if these are still in too...

Friday, January 20, 2006


Why do people always pull through parking spaces? You know, when you pull into a space and you see one open on the other side and you pull through to park there because it'll just be easier to pull out instead of back out. Every one does it, and about 1 out of every 5 time will you see someone waiting on the other side for that spot. What is the right thing to do? Stay? Pull out and almost hit the person? Back up?

I went to Tops yesterday and this guy did just that. Pulled through. Now here I am about to pull into that spot when he did this and of course I raise my arms as if to say "WTF dude, I was just about to park there..." Well he interpreted my arm raising and decided to let me have the spot by pulling out of it driving toward me. He comes out, almost hits me. He backs up, then goes forward, almost hits me again. Now at this point there is someone behind me leaving very little space to back up and the guy trying to get out of this spot was throwing his arms in the air as if to say "WTF lady, I'm trying to get out and let you have this spot". Then I through my arms in the air saying, "WTF again dude, I can't back up, and you are going to hit me if I pull forward". So he backs up a little and I go around him, parking in the spot and he finds another one. He could have backed up into the one he drove through originally and it would have saved all this trouble.

Then I see him in Tops and I recognize him, and I know he recognizes me. What do you do in this situation? Talk to him about it? Flip him off? or walk away by diverting yourself through the flower display and avoid all eye contact. Yeah I chose "C". It is always easier to yell at someone where they can see you and can't hear you, but when given the chance to give it to him in person, we always put our tails between our legs and walk through the flower displays.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I think I want to relocate. Buffalo is a very blah city these days, and I'm young and want to get out. I can always come back someday.

Not sure where to start with this. I will have my Business Degree in March and there are so many options in that field. I know I can't make a million dollars a year or anything right now, but I would like to move up a little. I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I'm starting to do a new position at work. I was excited about it, but after my meeting yesterday, it seems as though people have trouble letting things go, so now there are 5 people doing the same stuff....argh....

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yesterday's lunch

I went to Target yesterday and I wondered something. Why do I apologize to perfect strangers? This woman was coming out of an aisle when I was walking down the main aisle, and she almost hit me. "Oh, I'm sorry", I say....what for? She almost ran me over. It would have been her fault.

Then I wondered something else when I went to check out. Where is the one minute grace period between customers during the check out? The girl rings me up, takes my money, gives me the change (in this order: receipt, bills, coins on top - so the coins fall all over the place), then starts ringing out the next guy immediately. He only has two things, so by the time I get everything situated back in my purse and grab my bags, he is already trying to pay with a credit card and I'm still standing in front of the credit card dispenser. Then I apologize for being in his way, when it was the cashiers fault for moving so damn quick.

No title..

Baby needs tubes. Going on February 16th.

Step mother in law's surgery was a sucess. They did a biopsy. Cancer is cleared.

Dish network thing is finally cleared. Now just waiting on the school loan.

Looks like things are turning around.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Bad luck? Bring it on....

If you are seriously superstitious about Friday the 13th, then there is a name for your phobia......Paraskevidekatriaphobia. I never really knew the origin of this superstition until this morning when I decided to google it. Now I am sharing it with you.

Up until this point I always thought it was more about the Friday the 13th movies with Freddie Kruger (sp?) and had never really gotton why. I've never seen any of these movies because I have had no interest in watching those because I do not get scared from them. I love suspense movies that you have to wait until the end to find out who the killer is and is far more believeable than some guy with knife fingers coming out of the woods only in your dreams. I can't bring myself to become engaged in a movie like that for 2 hours. I did watch parts of the first one (it's about 20 years old and I caught it about 2 years ago) on TV one day because I was interested to see what all the hype was about. I still don't know what it is, in fact I laughed the whole time. In case you were wondering I have never seen any of those movies. Children of the corn or whatever, The Exorcist, or Halloween. I'll stick to movies like Seven or Malice which I can be interested in and actually give me a little scare.

Needless to say, I am not afraid of Friday the 13th (the day). I still go about with my day as if it was any other Friday. As you can see from previous posts, that bad luck comes most every day lately....maybe Friday the 13th means the opposite for me. I do have to say that after reading that article on it that I found in google, I still do not understand what the big deal is.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Talked to school today about my denied loan. Have to get a letter from dish network stating my account is cleared so I can clear my credit with the bank and school. Great.

Got my car back. Finally. No problems.

Baby goes to an Ear, nose and throat specialist tomorrow. Hopefully we can solve this problem...worst alternative - Tubes...

Going to the dentist today. Totally forgot about the novacane part until someone at work reminded me...why am I such a chicken?

Found out this morning that my step-mother-in-law was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She is having a hystorectomy this Saturday. I fear for her right now. I can't imagine what is going through her head right now.

I feel God has been testing me lately.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Credit Problem

We had to have the dish when we moved into our house according to hubby. Couldn't miss any of the Bulls games that we didn't get many of anyways. He was so excited about it too. Put a hole full of concrete in the back yard with a 6' tall 4x4 in it to hang the dish from. It is now a clothes line. Lucky me I've finally gotten the clothes line I've always dreamt about complete with it's own abandoned satellite dish.

We cancelled our service with Dish Network in September because we hadn't had service for about a month and they wanted to charge me $100 to come and turn the stupid thing a quarter of an inch. I said no thanks. So hubby decided that since the Sabres were off of the strike and were playing again, and Dish doesn't offer the MSG channel, that we should do the Adelphia deal for $14.95 for 4 months and $300 cash back for our dish.

Adelphia comes in late September to install the cable and in turn takes my dish receiver, which I was leasing from the company. Adelphia wasn't supposed to take my equipment as they were well aware of the fact that I did lease the equipment and specifically told me that they weren't supposed to take it. Not to mention the girl who signed me up spelled my name wrong and gave me the wrong package, so I then knew that she wasn't listening to me at all.

Now I have been dealing with Adelphia's office on Maple with is where all of the representitives on the 800 number told me to do (I live closer to the Niagara Falls Branch, but they failed to mention that there even was one there). I go to this office on Maple and she says it is probably in their home office in downtown Buffalo. So my receiver is in Dish Network receiver hell? Great.

Finally in November they find my equipment, which isn't even mine, but say that it's ok because they are having a ton of problems with taking receivers. You guys are pros at stealing and losing equipment? Great.

Sent the equipment back to dish. Get a tracking number from UPS. Fight with dish for 3 months about the credit on my account and that since they received the equipment, account should be zero. No credit. Talk to about 10 representitives. Get phone calls from collection agency on a daily basis (sometimes 3x a day) and now credit is screwed up. Can't get my student loan approved from the bank. I need to apply for a seperate loan this semester because I am only taking one class, because that is all I need to graduate, and financial aid or stafford will not cover 3 credits. If I don't graduate in time because of this that just isn't fair.

Talked to Tim in the Executive Office at Dish. Should have the credit by Friday. I'm calling Tim friday and I'll send him my tuition bill. (I did get my $300 from Adelphia which was awesome, and I am supposed to be getting $60 back from dish when this is all said and done with)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Do resolutions still count?

It is January 10th and way past the resolution deadline, but I have thought long and hard about what mine should be. I guess this is a ritual, every year you should have changes in mind for the next year when the ball drops at midnight on the 31st. I have never really put that much thought into any other year. So why now? Well I'm sick of looking at the piles of countless things in my house that I don't even touch, and by spring I want to have this taken care of.

Have you ever looked though a magazine and saw, for instance, a bed spread that is for sale? They do not just diplay it by itself. They make an entire mock bedroom with furniture, lamps, rugs, window, curtins, etc. Who's bedroom really looks like that? Old war books on the night stands held together by antique bookends, bed folded down with said spread with nice matching sheets...I know mine doesn't.

So this is my resolution....if it doesn't fit in the required areas, than get rid of it! For example, jewelry box filled to the rim of stuff I don't wear, but the stuff I do wear sits on the dresser. Looks messy! Or the shoe box I have is overflowing with shoes I do not wear, but the ones I do are covering the floor in the front hall closet.

Happy New Year. Thanks to all of you resolution people, now I have to clean..

Monday, January 09, 2006


We did nothing that exciting this weekend. Most of the weekend was staying in and taking down the Christmas stuff. I did watch "Wedding Crashers" which I have to say is a friggin funny movie. The best part was when that Gloria girl was jumping up and down on the dance floor holding her breath and plugging her ears until she got her way.

I got my hair chopped. About 3 inches off the bottom. I got a magazine, which I never really do because I like to create my own hair do, but this time I did. It is a combination of Paris Hilton's latest do and some other girls....I guess.

My thing is though, why is it that every one says, did you get a hair cut? I mean, got them all cut? Why do people always say this? It really sounds stupid and it is getting old. I paid $30 to get one strand of hair cut. I pinned it up so everyone would you like it? It's layered....

Next time I'm going to get them all cut but one really long one....maybe I'll get a tail, remember those? And braid it.....please do not say it again. Just say it looks nice.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Dropped the car off again yesterday. Hopefully this will be it. Got home a little late, so I missed Will and Grace, but I caught the rest of the new Thursday night line up. It is the only day I have ever really cared about the TV during the week. The new show "Four Kings" was pretty good. Seth Green is a funny dude and he's the only one pretty well known on the show. "My name is Earl" is too funny. I'm wondering how long this show will last once he is done with the 'list'.

Then there was "The Office". Love that show. So glad it moved to Thursdays. It started off with Jim putting Dwight's stuff in the vending machine. They went on a motivational Booze Cruise, planned by Michael. I'm still rooting for Pam and Jim.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

We love tragedy

Why is our country so infatuated with every single tragedy that happens? I feel bad these things happen, but these stories go on so long and there are about a million results when you search for them on Google. Type in West Virginia Mine Accident and see how many are on there. Next will be the movie, then T-shirts will be sold, buttons, flyers, hats....we go so over board when this happens. Even a national event like the World Series or the Superbowl don't get this much media attention. We are just so pressed for stories that are tragic.

They made a movie in the early 90's that was about that Texas Cheerleading thing. Up until I decided to watch it, I always thought that the mother actually killed the other cheerleader. Turns out she was crazy and threatened to kill her. Then she went to jail. I wasted two hours of my life watching that. They recently made a movie about the Columbine tragedy. It's on lifetime if you really want to catch it.

We need more sucess stories in life. Ellen? Seinfeld? Homer Simpson? Just like the documentary "Private Parts" that Howard Stern made.

Please fix it hyundai repair man...

Why can't they fix my car. Yesterday I shifted into fourth gear and smelled a burning smell. Right after my engine light came on. I spoke to the manager and he is going to test drive it himself tomorrow. I hope that means good things.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What's up? my brother...

I do not have a problem with the new mayor of Buffalo being black. I'm am not prejudice in anyway. In fact I think it is refreshing to see a new face in office for a change and I am truly rooting for him to make things better in this city.

I did however have a problem with this picture taken of him at his inauguration. Is the knuckle bump really a professional move, especially in front of the cameras?

Any thoughts?


Had a great time Saturday night. Went to a friends house and opted to stay there the whole night instead of splitting it with another party. Good thing too cause I would have had to ring it in with the crazy sister in law.

Dick Clark was back from his 2004 stroke. Didn't know he even had one.

Thank you to Mariah Carey who let us countdown the new year with her boobs...