Friday, March 31, 2006

Let me take a moment to brag. I received a 3.67 gpa last semester carrying a 9 credit hour courseload, working full time and raising a baby. I'd say that is worth bragging rights. Tonight they are having an honors convocation and I will receive a formal certificate for my grades.

To all of you who said I was stupid in Mr. Burley's 6th grade science your hearts out!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I have seen the light....

Well not really, just that I thought about it yesterday and it could have been the day of my funeral or I could be in a hospital right now. I have finally come to grips with everything from the accident and am seeing things in a whole new perspective.

1. I had my meeting at Medialle yesterday. I can't wait to start on my bachelor's! The recruiter was very uplifting!
2. Work still stinks, but the people I work with are very considerate.
3. My husband is so together in the time of a crisis. He showed his true colors on Monday. I could marry him all over again.
4. My baby is even more special to me.
5. My brothers in law are very sweet people, coming over to see if I was ok.
6. You shouldn't be mean to people, because they are the ones that will help you out the most.
7. I love my family and friends so much. They mean the world to me.

Take a moment to slow down in your lives and view your surroundings in a new light. Go spread some love!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

R.I.P. Hyundai

After all of that work I had done on the Hyundai, would you believe it if I said that I wrecked it on Monday?

I slammed into a girl on the 190/290 split in Tonawanda, where they are doing that “emergency” bridge work. The lanes are not coned off very well and people fly through there in order to be first in this tiny little space.

She came to a complete stop right in the middle of heavy traffic. There was a guy to my left that tried to cut me off. There was not where to go but right, and hit the guard rail or the girl in front of me. I hit both. Hyundai is totaled. I’m lucky to be alive, because stupid me wasn’t wearing my seatbelt. I really honestly do where it 99.99% of the time, but was just a little lazy on Monday morning.

I suffered a badly bruised knee and forehead and some aches and pains, but I’m here. I blacked out after I hit her and came to when people started talking to me. Luckily my baby wasn’t with me.

Don’t let anyone tell you that foreign cars aren’t worth it. That little Hyundai (add some faith into the mix) saved my life.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Please exit stage right....

Ok so it’s Friday and nothing is going on, and I really didn’t know what to write about until just now.

People need to write new jokes. These jokes I get on my emails are terrible or way to predictable. Then on the forwards they tell you to email to a zillion people of you will have a lifetime of bad luck. Or maybe a lifetime of bad jokes???

Here is an example:

There was a man who entered a local paper's pun contest. Hesent in ten different puns, in the hope that at least one ofthe puns would win.

Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

I just shook my head.

On this topic, there are so many comedians out there and they are really starting to blend together. Men telling all jokes about women, women telling all jokes about men. The worst, is gay people telling all gay jokes. I’ll sum it up in one word. ANT. Can’t stand him. This is all he talks about. He prances around stage and talks all about homosexuality. Maybe because I am not gay I can’t relate and this could be why it isn’t funny. Ellen’s gay. She is funny.

I am not a homo-phob (I watch Will and Grace), nor am I against people choosing this life style (I suffered through the Rosie bad haircut era). I just don’t find a whole routine about one thing over and over again funny.

Please tell a bazillion of your closest friends or you will live a lifetime in a small room watching ANT routines……

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Idol rankings.

Here are the rankings, as I see them, for American Idol:

11 Ace – Cheesy smile, same routine, needs to stop making love to the camera.
10 and 9 Lisa and Elliott – good singers, too much vibrato
8 Bucky – “MMM, Bop”
7 Kevin – Too cutesy, may make it on the Disney channel
6 Mandisa – Very good, not the idol, but will make it somehow
5 Taylor – I see him as a classic lounge singer
4 Kellie – After yesterday’s performance, she’s bumped up on my list.
3 Paris – Still in my top 3
2 Chris – He’s just yummy, plus he’s really good.
1 Katharine – She’s going to make it. Got the looks, the voice and kicks ass in every performance

Monday, March 20, 2006

Narrowing it down....

Remember when you were a little kid and the adults asked you what you would like to be when you grew up? Remember saying that you wanted to be a firefighter, a nurse, a doctor or a school teacher. Those dreams seemed so easy to obtain when you were nine. Not that I'm 30, have done ten years of college (on and off) to receive my associate degree, they just don't seem that interesting to me anymore.

I have narrowed my areas of interest down to a few things. This should help me decide what I want to do with my career.

Real Estate

These are the things that I know that I have always found interesting. I am not a number cruncher, nor am I the type of person that can sit behind a desk all day and not have human contact. I need to be in touch with people on a daily basis and away from this rotting at a desk feeling.

If anyone out there (all 2 of you who read my blog) have any advice on any of these areas, please offer some!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Pink eye, green beer and March madness....

My son has double pink eye. Hubby is watching the college games, drinking green beer.

I will be enjoying a nice long weekend incarcerated in my house with a sicky baby!

Fun stuff...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

From Supermodel to Talk Show Host....

This is from today's Tyra show.....

1st Scenario: One woman wants to tell her friend that she has a double life and has not been up front with her. At night she is a very fashionable party girl. As is her friend. That’s what they have in common. They like to look as though they are very wealthy. This leads into the lies….the woman, during the day, cleans toilets, floors, window, and vacuums. Her friend is very beside herself. How can she lower her self to do such a demeaning job?

ME: It’s called housework. Whether you are paid for it or not, millions of Women do this on a daily basis. Not something you need to bring on the Tyra show.

2nd Scenario : A woman (20 years old) confesses to her boyfriend that even though he is interested in having kids someday, she never wants to have them. She says this is because she wants to be a career woman and does not want to neglect her children by working so much, as her parents did to her growing up. Tyra then senses that they may need sometime alone, so gives them a night at some Luxurious Hotel.

ME: First of all, these people are 20 and probably will endure many more relationships with other people in the next 5-10 years or so. Secondly Tyra, time alone in a hotel room usually leads to sex (premarital I might ad, good role modeling Tyra), and sex as we all know leads to babies. I hope she remembers the birth control.

This is what we miss when we are at work.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ahh warm weather!!!

Quinn's first Spring day 2006!!! He ran down the driveway and drove the car. When we went back in the house he kept trying to get out of the front door!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

The media is buzzing....

Everytime I turn on the news, it is about the grad student (which up until now I never knew her name) who was brutally murdered in NYC. Just like every other murder story that has taken place in the last few years, this one is distroyed by all of the media's clatter and speculations.

My question is did anyone notice the similarities of these two girls????

Imette St. Guillen Lacy Peterson


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Feeling the need to vent....

I think that working full time and going to school part time has finally taking its toll on me. It’s been a long four years, and with that I am pooped. I’m on the brink of tears, because I’m doing a job that I do not want to do here or anywhere else. I do not want a job where I have to sit behind a desk. I am petrified that having my associate degree now means that I am only qualified to be a glorified secretary instead of anything higher.

Last day of school is today. I’m done. All I have left is my exam one week from today. Then I have officially earned my degree. You think I would be excited, but honestly it is very depressing, because I feel like I only have my associate. I made my appointment today to talk to the advisor over at Medialle to start on my Bachelor’s, but I don’t feel good about that either right now. All I can major in in the accelerated program is Business. This major is too broad as I have come to find out.

I still can’t believe I am contemplating what I want to be when I grow up? Why is it so easy for everyone else?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Is a college degree required to hit Control/alt/delete?

A few things....

Did you ever notice that when someone is not “normal” in comparison to you, people always say “I can’t believe that, he/she is so nice too?” What does nice have to do with getting sick or being different.

- “I can’t believe she is gay, she is such a nice person.”
- “Would you believe she has cancer, she is so nice.”
- “how could he have died so young, he was so nice.”

First of all who would say that he/she would ever deserve the ailment? Second what does gay have to do with being nice? Only mean people are gay? Only mean people should suffer? I never understood the comparison of “differences” to “niceness”.

And why when you go to a restaurant, do they take your name when they give you one of those vibrating boxes with a number on it anyways???????

Friday, March 03, 2006

More Cowbell

Just heard this song on the radio....have to share a blast from the past!

Fellow occupants of the road:

When driving along a highway or road with a median in the middle and there is a police car driving in the opposite direction: HE CANNOT PULL YOU OVER.

There is no need to slam on your brakes all at once. No need to slow down. There is no way he is ever going to plow through that 3 foot cement wall to stop you.

The same goes for any emergency vehicle with its lights on. An ambulance or a fire truck, with the lights flashing does not mean you have to slow down either. He is not looking to cross over the median to get to his destination.

Please fellow drivers, remember that the median is a block of cement that even our protective services choose not to endure.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thank you Home Depot guy....

Despite my being sick, I ventured to Home Depot yesterday to pick out the paint for our bathroom.

Home Depot Guy: Can I help you?
Me: Not yet, I’m just looking.
HD Guy (after a lap around the paint counter): So what room are you looking to paint?
Me: The bathroom. I’m looking for a yellow. Nothing too bright or dark, maybe something in the middle.
HD Guy (Grabs a paint book): How about blue?
Me: No yellow, I’ve already decided on that color.
HD Guy (fumbles through book some more): How about green?
Me: No really, I really want yellow.
HD Guy: Why don’t you try out this computer over here.

I proceed to the computer. I go through the yellows and find Straw Hat #350. I really like this one and it looks good on the wall in the example bathroom on the computer.

Me (calling to the HD Guy): I think I found one I like.
HD Guy: Straw hat, you know it doesn’t look anything like it does on the computer.
Me: I know
HD Guy (finding sample): There is a lot of gold in this, how about this one (points to Lemon on the sample).
Me: No really that is the one I want.
HD Guy: Do you want semi-gloss?
Me: Yes.
HD Guy: Well Satin finish isn’t as shiny.
Me: What the difference in price?
HD Guy: Well Semi gloss is more.
Me: No, I want Semi gloss, that is what the construction crew ordered.

I wait for the mixing of the paint. He then shows me the paint. I swear it is the lemon color with the straw hat label on it. What was the deal with this guy about me wanting yellow in my bathroom. He kept trying to talk me out of everything I wanted for some reason.