Friday, January 26, 2007

How is the potty training going? blah.
How is the new toddler bed thing going? Take a look for yourself....

We've tried everything. We just gave in and put all of his blankets on the floor where he demands to fall asleep. Later we move him and he stays in there all night. I don't get it, but I'm not wrestling him to go to bed. Take that super nanny.

Tuesday we had the worst weather and I had to drive downtown to get my paycheck that was four days overdue to me. Because of going to the hockey game Friday I wasn't able to get my check that night, so Saturday morning I asked for it and the manager said "oh they mail if if you don't pick it up by 5 o'clock Friday". Ok no problem, should get it Monday. Rush around Monday, just in case I get it, so I can go cash it and go Tops, no choice, no time. NO CHECK....panicking here. I need gas and food. I go to work and ask another manager if he knows where my check is. Oh yeah they mail it but you should have asked when payroll was still here. Call tomorrow and see where it is. Tuesday I call in the morning and leave a message with payroll. They didn't call me back. I get the mail. Nothing. Call again. Yes it is in the office and I will come and get it. I had to drag the baby out in that crap just to get it, and off to Wegmans for shopping. Guess it was a blessing in disguise!

Last night I had a soap opera dream. My friend was kissing some 18 year old boy and later staged her death to fool her husband so she and boy could run away together. Days of Our Lives are you hiring?

Hubby got a raise yesterday and a promotion and another job offer (from another company). Good things flood in all at once. More on that.....

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Much needed night out...

Hubby and I went out last night to our first Sabres game of the season. Great game too against the Canucks. Ended in a shoot out and I'm sure I don't have to explain!

I switched my Friday night to Wednesday so I could go and I'm glad I did. We had a great. We even got yelled at for cheering for Buffalo, um by a Buffalo fan too. Drury scored with seconds left in regulation, we of course the the natural thing and jumped up with excitement. Well apparently the guy behind us was much to mature (old) and sofisticated (lazy) to get up and cheer for his team. "Oh sit down" he says. Um, go home and watch it on TV.

Was it me or did the jumbotron add 1,000,000 pounds to Nicholas Pickelous?

My sister-in-law and boyfriend made it on the kiss cam.

Today I had to work until 12 and came home to make lunch, an apple pie, and smooch baby! Going to a going away party tonight.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Down all week

Not me the internet....thanks to some heavy static on my phone line that they keep telling me they have fixed. It was supposed to be fixed on Tuesday but thanks to the ice covering everything, they haven't done anything. I guess it isn't as bad tonight, seeing as I've been able to be online for more than a minute today.

How is the toddler bed working out you ask? Well he loves it because he can jump on and off of it and onto it and off of it, and all around on it. BUT he hates it because he actually has to sleep in this new thing that is so fun to jump on! Who would have thought that a 22 month old would be so clever in using excuses not to go to bed. He tells me things like, mama hug, where dada, watch tv (every other minute of the day he could care less about the thing), water, sleep on the floor, mama kiss...

He knows he can get out of it. It's been a wrestling match to keep him in it, but once he's out he stays in it all night.

I do have to say how cute he looks in it, all big boyish and stuff and it is really cute to hear him walk into my room every morning and wake me up!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

bed, potty, and some other stuff.

Bed is here. It came today to grammy's house. She will be here tomorrow with it! (Yeah, so, grammy bought it, you wish you had a grammy like that!) I will post a pic of him on the big boy bed, and hopefully the batteries will be charged for the camera.

Potty training is poopy, literally. Mostly for me too, not him. The first problem: he was an after breakfast pooper until all of a sudden I'm home with him during the day and want to start potty training and I know I could stick him on the potty right after a big morning meal. But noooooo, now he is a surprise pooper. At any given time of the day when he feels it coming on. No warning either. Before you know it he hides by the front door and comes out and says "poopie". Guess were not going on the potty today. Oh but flushing the poopie is so much fun. Bye bye poopie. The second problem: Me sitting him on the potty when I want him to poop. Of course he doesn't have to poop and there is still no warning of when he has to pee, so we just sit there, and sit there, and play with all of the bathroom toys. Elmo sits on the big potty with the seat down! Doesn't help. I'm thinking of pull ups? Maybe? So I can just whip his pants down and the first sign of a squint or grunt face...we'll see...

If anyone can tell me why 22 months=hating to be changed, I'd really appreciate it. If you were a neighbor or even in the next town, you may think that I was killing him. I'm not, I'm just changing a diaper or his clothes. There is vicious body flalling and screaming and kicking (me) and crying. Oh and don't forget the running out of the room between each and every single article of clothing if I let go of him for one second. Sock, run, sock, run, diaper, run, pants, run, shirt, run..usually to his hiding spot of up on the couch where of course no one will find him and when I do find him there is a huge screech and burying of his face as if to hide better.

This stay at home mom stuff is a breeze!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Big boy bed...

Coming the 15th!

Friday, January 05, 2007


And for real this time...not just through marriage, from which I have inherited many, many neices (and finally one nephew on the way, well maybe two, we haven't heard about the other pregnant sis in law yet).

Yes, my baby baby brother is going to be a daddy. I'm still numb to the news, happy oh yes, but it hasn't settled in yet. I mean he hasn't actually told me himself yet. But when he does I can assure you that there will be tears flowin'!

What a great daddy he will be and his bride to be (we do things a little different on the east side of Elma) is a very nice girl. He just bought a house so he should be nice and cozy there with his little family!

Aw, little family *sob*, I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It happened part 2

A few months ago I wrote this. That was the word I was dreading. Well the action that I have been dreading since Quinn learned how to climb into his crib, was the fact that someday he will crawl out of his crib.

Well that day was today!!! I heard him playing around in there this morning aroun 8:45 or so. I fell back asleep for a few minutes, when I woke to him saying (standing at the end of my bed looking up at me with his hair like this):

(waffles added later)

"I wake Mama". Now it is time for child proofed basement door, child proof refrigerator and dishwasher and possibly a big boy bed!