Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy anniversary blog

Seeing as baby was sent home sick on Tuesday, there was no way he was going to school yesterday. Being a lifesaver and the wonderful Grammy that she is, my mom sacrificed her morning to take care of him for me. It really wasn’t like I had to twist her arm or anything! I took the afternoon off and loved every minute of it. I wish it was like that everyday. (me working less time, not him being sick!) Around 1:00 I noticed he had drainage coming from both ears, so I called the doc. They had an opening at 4:45 so I took him then. The doctor finally put him on a maintenance plan for the ears which is nice because I don’t see him growing out of the infections any time soon. Even with the tubes he is getting them and I think it is because he is still so little. She wrote a prescription for the big bottle of ear drops, and now every time I see any drainage, I can start him on those instead of taking him in every time. Whew….that’s a relief. One less thing I have to be stressed about.

Today is the blog’s anniversary.

After 1 year I,
Still do not know how to post links on the side of my blog.
Am hopefully writing a little better.
Realized that my life is dramatic.
Have graduated and realized that once you graduate there are mysteriously no jobs now at my current level.
Got a new car.
Am still stressed over family, job, time for myself.
Started a new school.
Made many new blog friends, but they don’t know that we are blog friends
Still have a half painted house.
Still have a non-tiled bathroom.
Still have a small leak in my basement.
Am still the same weight even after the big plan(s) to lose some of it.
Have loved watching my baby grow and learn!

And that’s that. What does next year have in store for me?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Plans changed so fast yesterday. Instead of the 45 minutes I thought I had, I wound up having 2 ½ hours. Day care called. Baby was sick again. I knew he would wind up with something seeing as his eyes were starting to get goopy yesterday morning. Sure enough, when he woke up from his nap, his eyes were glued shut and all puffy and purple around them. Can this kid get a break?

I left work after I got the call and went to pick him up. I drove to the pharmacy to get his prescription that the doctor was calling in, but it wasn’t there yet. I went home and he played and he followed me around the house going “uh, uh, uh”. That is his latest thing. He can say all sorts of words, like ball, what’s that, mama, dada, mima, papa, where it go, up, etc…but we can not get this kid to say please, it is just “uh, uh, uh” and pointing. We’re still working on that one.

Orientation was surprising. In my last post I expected everyone to be over 40, but that wasn’t how it was. Only 3 people were and that includes the teacher. Everyone else was under 35. So am I ready for this? Not really. Especially since I found out that they changed the program to seven weeks per class and one week off in between instead of five weeks per class and no breaks. Instead of 18 months like I planned, it is 2 years almost to the day. That threw me a little. Of course I’m sitting there, calculating it in my head…hmmm..I’ll be 31 when I’m done, and hopefully pregnant because I’m trying to fit another kid in there and ugh…that’s a long time from now. Everyone seemed pretty nice. I have to spend the next 2 years with these people. The cool part about the program, is that I am able to see my assignments a week before the class. I will have a week to work on them and they are done in time for the next class. There is more time to prepare.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to school

I am getting back into school mode again. It started yesterday with me grocery shopping during my lunch hour so I would have some extra quality time with my kid last night. Also some extra time to make tonight’s dinner, so Jay wouldn’t have to worry about it. I’m so domestic like that.

I broke out the crock pot again for another season. I usually retire it for the summer, because who wants to eat hot foods like soups, stews, and chili’s in 90 degree weather. I put together my first chili of the season, and by the looks of today’s brisk and gloomy weather, I’d say that will really hit the spot tonight. I have about 45 minutes to swing home after work, chow down, get changed, smooch the babe about 100 times and head for orientation.

I have to be there tonight promptly at 5:30 to sign in. I then get my picture taken for that student ID card (which I never ever have on me at the right times), and then off to my cohort to meet my class. During this time we will get to know each other, and outline our personalities and interests in hope to make the perfect group. I have high expectations for my group and I do not even know them yet. I have a high desire to succeed, therefore there is no room for slackers. I also am excited to meet my class, but know that will get shot down when I’m in a room full of 40 year olds. This is what I’m expecting to happen. This seems to be the pattern that I’ve been on for the last 10 years. Either I’m with people 10 years older or younger than me. Probably because many of the people my age either did school at the correct designated age or have left this area to pursue bigger and better things. Usually the only person around my age, ends up being the teacher, and granted I’m not that old.

With that being said, I’m a bit nervous. At least hubby and baby will be fed!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Interesting wedding!

Saturday was “the wedding”. By that I mean the wedding of a family member that was put together in 4 months and for a couple that has only known each other for 1 ½ years, who had a baby in the meantime. NOT, that that’s bad. Whatever makes them happy.

Friday was the rehearsal. That went well, although the best man didn’t show. That was a mystery. Rehearsal dinner at the bride and groom’s house. Complete with family fun drunkenness. Not us, we had a far drive and a baby!

So, the wedding……

1. Bride was an hour and a half late to the hair appointment.
2. Groom overslept until 12:30.
3. Toilet broke in the room where we were getting ready.
4. Groom looked like he was going to puke during the vows.

So, the reception…..

1. Drive in the Limo: first to Rite Aid for drinks, then down the street, pass the reception hall, turn around, and fly back to the reception hall……
2. Buffet dinner: food was good.
3. Best man toast: An inside story that only him and the groom got, and grandma got pissed.
4. Maid of honor toast: drunken stooper with tears.

Reception that ends at two o’clock…

1. Run out of beer at midnight.
2. Buy two more kegs for another hour.
3. Shaken a lot of “ass” on the dance floor complete with a break dancing contest.
4. Guy passes out sitting up.
5. Groom dives over a table, knocking drinks on the floor and bumping in to said passed out guy who didn’t even flinch.
6. Cousin comes out of the closet.

All in all we had a good time. We drove the newlyweds to their hotel room and got home at 3.

Picked up the baby from Grammy and Pappa’s Sunday and relaxed all day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cute baby=Jumbotron

We went to the Bison’s game last night compliments of Kaleida Health. For years people try to get on the jumbotron, but if you have a cute baby, then that is your key to the big screen.

Quinn was enjoying climbing up and down the seat, walking in between everyone’s legs, and coming to mommy just for another bite of “ho do” or hot dog. He especially loved taking a dance break in between all of this from the big “teewee” or TV. His favorite was Super freak. He would break down in his little groove of bending his knees and bouncing his butt up and down. Of course the jumbotron camera guy loved this little act! When he was up dancing with his Mima, they were stars together. Then we were all stars and our only reaction was to wave to ourselves up there.

It is amazing how many people come to a baseball game to not watch the baseball game. My self included. I watch everything else. The screen, the mascots, my face when others yell “heads up”! Oh and the food. Gotta love the food! Dogs, Pizza, Nachoes, Ice Cream! All to make the baseball experience even better. I wonder what a real baseball game is like....

Friday, August 18, 2006

sick, sick, sick....

My life has been touched with sickness this last week. First the baby, then the hubby, then me. Of course I get it the worst. I’ve been fighting a fever, sore throat, and a head ache for two days. I can’t sleep right now either, so I’m exhausted. I keep waking up at least 3-4 times a night sweating from this fever. I haven’t slept this bad since my nightly feeding wake up calls! At least that was a sweet loving reason to get up at two am.

I must share how much of a klutz I am too. I bruised my left ankle, by walking into the rototiller blade in my garage. That was the first day of my fever and I was extra sensitive to pain. Today I just walked into the counter that I have been passing by everyday for the last three years.

I have always been a klutz. I played soccer for 10+ years and was only really hurt bad once. Every other time I’ve been in the hospital is for walking or rollerblading mishaps. I’m always running into stuff or falling on my butt or something just really awkward. I once had a concussion from fainting, but, oh no, not from any sporting injuries.

So if anyone sees an article in the Buffalo News titled, "Girl recovering from head injuries from walking into a pole", it's me.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My professional style!

Rachele, you're a Foreman!

You're the practical, down-to-earth type. Your hands-on skills mean that you're definitely the woman to have around when there's work to be done. You have a deep understanding for the mechanical complexity behind how things work—architecure, machines, and even people. That's why you're so good when it comes to real, physical projects. As a competent process person, people can count on you to meet their needs. You're also a real team player, so you know how to rally your team to exceed quality expectations. You've got a warm, personable nature and treat people for who they are, not like robots to be wound up and turned loose. Thanks to folks like you, the world can sit back and relax while you take the wheel.

Who's like you:Mia Hamm (famous American athlete)

Likely careers:Surgeon, contractor, baker, lumberjack, police officer, firefighter, athlete, pilot

Monday, August 14, 2006

My weekend was fabulous! Much better than my not-so-fabulous week. I was pretty beat by the end of the week, doing both jobs and starting a cold on top of it.

Friday after work, I headed up to Long Beach, CA for some time with the fam. They rented a cottage there for the whole week last week. It was a nice time. Quinn got to go in the water, Jay and I each took the Jet Ski for a spin, and we ate, drank and sat by the fire! We were up until 2 am, just laughing and having a good time. Jay stole an old fence to burn from some guy’s wood pile, and some already burning wood from an abandoned fire. Pretty funny!

Traveling to Canada is nervewracking for me though. I'm always nervous to cross the border. I have nothing to hide. I do not have a record of any kind. Will they search me? Did I answer wrong? You know it is never that bad......unless you are bad...

Saturday we were so beat from staying up late, and fighting colds, that we just slept most of the day. Later I made Steak and Shrimp Kabobs on the grill loaded with mushrooms, peppers, onions and a little summer squash, topped with carrebian jerk marinade! We had some leftover macaroni (mom’s) salad!

Sunday we drove to grandma’s house. We had a nice little visit and she showed us her garden. She also tried to push everything she could on us, since we were there. “Since you are here, why don’t you take this cute little set of drinking glasses with you? I won’t use them”. We did a little reminiscing of the neighborhood, and they told us who was new and who died in the area. Grandpa told some crazy jokes and couldn’t quite make out those pine cones at the top of the pine trees. We then had some pizza hut and headed for Wegman’s.

Wegman’s was nice, as always. It presents such a warming atmosphere to shop there! Everything was running smoothly until Jay bumped a relish jar onto the floor from the display. It was an accident and he pushed the contents and broken glass out of the way with his foot. We were on our way to let a manager know that it had happened, and this woman about 10 feet ahead of us let her know first. It wasn’t a big deal. She didn’t have to let her know. I could see if we had fled the scene and didn’t fess up to the relish mishap, but come on…we were on our way there.

Friday, August 11, 2006

What my dreams are telling me....

I dreamt last night that I was at a family picnic in a park at a shelter (from what I remember, it looked alot like the Marilla town park). While at the picnic I go into labor and give birth to twin boys. Then everyone starts passing the babies around like this is normal to give birth in a shelter. Jay and I were so excited and we were trying to think of names for them. I go to the bathroom and when I come back, the twins were 7. Talking about baseball and wearing their game jerseys. I was so upset. We didn't even pick names for them. Now they are 7. Where did the time go? I just went to the bathroom and my babies are all grown up.

This is a sign that I am missing out on my baby's life. I need to make new career move where I can work less and enjoy him more.

That and I hope this means next time I have twins!!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Attack of the hormones

Ok so what is my problem? Have we seen the posts lately? Pissed about work. Pissed about how old I feel. Pissed about the cookies that the tourists stole before my eyes. Obviously they came here for that reason and I’ll let them find happiness….

I burst out crying on my way back to work on lunch. Why? I’m not sad. I’m not unhappy. Just genuinely miserable lately. Holy crap. I have a wonderful family, an ok paying job, great friends. I can find happiness in that. Not right now with revenge of the hormones. You think that these strange post-baby feelings would have gone away by now. I called my doc….we’re going to chat about these BC pills that have taken my brain away and my emotions on this roller coaster ride.

I need a drink.

Um, Excuse me please????

For the past week, my co-worker has been on vacation. Meaning I have been doing her job and mine for the past week. I have no problem with helping, but there are some things that she deals with that I just lose my patience for very easily. Then I go home and have a chip on my shoulder, and that shouldn’t be happening. There are very overly interested people in my office, that when you are on the phone or talking to another co-worker, butt in and start talking. Or answering questions. For me it is a really hard thing to deal with and every day I try to overcome it, it becomes a little bit worse. I hear this stuff happen when she is here, but to experience it first hand is very trying. I’m glad I do not do that job on a regular basis.

Butting in may be no big deal to some people, especially the ones doing the butting in, but I think it is exceptionally rude. Especially when you do not excuse yourself before hand and get the person’s attention. Also, especially when the person butting in only knows about what you are talking about from previous eavesdropping or snooping.

Plus on top of it, they handle things that I am supposed to handle, at least I thought I was according to my boss. I can not work in this environment anymore when one person thinks they are in charge of just about everything when in reality they are just a co-worker.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dessert: shattered...

I was at Tops last night doing my weekly shopping (woohoo), and I stumbled upon Chips Ahoy 2 for $4. Ah, good deal I tell myself. Self, why don't you grab those chocolate peanut butter chunk cookies. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, these foreign exchange students jump in front of me, converse in their little language and pick out two flavors. The only English word I understood was "Nabisco". They took my chocolate peanut butter chunk....bastards. I walked down the aisle to see if there were more down there. Nope. Back to the end cap. Nope. I had to settle for Chocolate chip.

I don't have a problem with people visiting our country, unless of course they mess with my dessert.

Friday, August 04, 2006

29 going on 40?

Why do I feel that way. I feel like I'm a 40 year old trapped in a 29 year old body. I listen to old music, hear old jokes, do old things, I need to live man.

So to all of my 29 year old peeps: remember me? I'm still 29....I need to live like I'm 29. I need to feel like I'm 29. I need to reach in and grab the kid in me and have some fun with my friends and my babe(s)!!! Today on my way back from lunch I was cranking "It take two to make a thing go right....." Ah that takes me back to the beach....why am I not on the beach....??????

I come here to work every single day and feel like I'm working with my grandparents or my parents. You know that personality that comes out when you go to grandma's? Or that I'm being talked to by my grandparents or know the tone, "OK sweetie, if you could please do 'this' (or whatever)" I need my 29 year old personality to come out like I'm hanging with my friends. Not that the people I work with aren't friends or friendly....just not usually on the same page as me with entertainment, family, or even careers......