Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lots of stuff!

I have lots of things to write about today:

A fish that won't die. She has been floating around her tank for days now, upside down and just keeps hanging on. I thought for sure she'd be gone this morning, but she is still breathing. I'm trying to put her out of her misery, but she keeps staying near the bottom.

An interview today. Another one. Hopefully all goes well. I'm at my wits end with the current job I have and so need to get out. I can't stand leaving hundreds of messages a night anymore. This is just not for me! I need a fun job!

Best of all, Quinn went poopie on the potty for the first time yesterday. I put him down for a nap and he said, "Potty mama". At first I thought it was just an excuse to get out of bed, but then I gave in and put him on it. I let he be and left the room. I came back a few minutes later and "plop", I heard a noise in the toilet. There it was, his first poopie in the big toilet. (Never mind that baby toilet I bought for him) Guess he just needed some privacy. Just like a man.

and last but not least....

MY NEPHEW!!! Only 2 more months!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a GREAT weekend

Sarcastically speaking of course. Things that happened this weekend:

I had to work Saturday morning, which has been making the weekend stink already.
I had to pay the mortgage today, leaving the bank account at $1.65.
Hubby stayed out until 4 in the morning again last night, leaving him completely attached to my couch ALL DAY LONG.
Found out my best friend is naming her baby the name I had choosen for my baby girl someday.
Got about 3 hours of sleep.
Plans got cancelled today.

Turned in a few more applications today so hopefully will hear from one of them. I will probably be fired by the end of the month for not making my quota.

Who knew life would be this wonderful.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shhh....don't wake him.

It happened. It finally happened. People said it would just majically happen and it did, out of nowhere he's want to fall asleep in his bed. All on his own. No more of this.

He has been napping again (on and off) for about 2 weeks now. I love that he hasn't totally given them up yet. I'm not ready for that. He's crazy on no sleep.

So let me share with you my secret of sleeping in the big bed...ELMOSAVESTHEDAYAGAIN!

Here, lay with Elmo, it'll be ok.....and it is!

PS: Hubby got the long awaited notice for the potential job interview. He will be selected at random for an interview....at least this is one step in the right direction. Cross your fingers that he gets called soon!

Friday, April 06, 2007

A horrible interviewer and a crazy messed up eyeball...

I had my interview yesterday. Which took a new record in interviews, lasting all of seven minutes. It was supposed to be at two with Kathy. I show up and Kathy is still on vacation, and Don is not there, he was the one who told me to be there at two. I'll have to talk to Carlos. Well Carlos interviewed me by asking me only one question: "So, Tell me about yourself". I pretty much restate everything that he has written in front of him. He thought about that for a second, then asked me two more questions regarding the restaurant I worked at for about 9 months. Then he took a glance at the hours I wanted to work, was disappointed that I could not work on Sunday, then told me he'd have his GM give me a call. Um, yeah, thanks Carlos. Not a career here.

Then I have this funky red eye and it isn't pink eye like I originally thought. I bought these stupid blue contacts and I think that it is an abrasion from that. I have to live through wearing my glasses and the "Oh my god, what happened to your eye?" comments. I had a hell of a time trying to get someone to write a prescription for me for eye drops. I have been using my son's eye drops from the time he had conjunctivitis in both eyes, and it isn't strong enough for me. I call the eye doctor and there isn't an opthamalogist there today. I call my regular doctor and if I couldn't be seen by the eye doctor, then being a contact lens wearer, I should probably go to the ER. I decided to try the eye doctor one more time and they finally gave me a number to call for the other location with an opthamalogist on schedule today who wrote me a prescription. Going to pick it up now!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

WICKED pink eye...

I have some serious pink eye in my right eye. Just recently I decided to look around for a waitress job and Sunday I got an opportunity for an interview at a local restaurant. It is today and I have pink eye. I don't mind wearing my glasses to the interview, I just don't want this lady to think that I'm high or something. If I shake her hand then tell her I have pink eye will she think she will get it? Or do I avoid shaking her hand to protect her from any germs I might be carrying and not tell her, so she can take total offense to me not shaking her hand? I hope it clears up by 2pm today.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Potty training: day 1

I did a lot of research on this subject, both online and through other mothers, and the best advice was to just switch him to big boy undies, and he'll wet his pants. Most likely he will not like the wetness and choose the potty. Don't worry, he should be using the potty in about 3 days tops.

Last week I went to the store and bought him big boy undies with Diego on them, plus a bag of pull ups for the trips out of the house. I figured that this week from Tuesday to Thursday (3 days) I would spend dedicated only to potty training. This morning I took off the overnight diaper and put the undies on him with a pair of pajama pants. We are on hour number 2 1/2 and he's been walking around with wet pants for about 1 1/2 hours. He doesn't care. He was excited about the undies, tells me no about the potty, and walks around with wet pants. I pictured this so much different in my mind.

After I wrote this, he went again in his already damp pants, only this time he made a mess on the hardwood floor. When I came in to check on him, he was sitting on the floor in his soaken wet pants, playing with his trucks. I cleaned up the little puddle, scooped him up, changed him and put him back in pull ups. Guess he is not interested in the potty just yet.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

More about 2's (again)

Let us recap: first he ditches the naps (once in a while he has been taking one) and says "hey ma" to me since he's been two. Now his stuffed animals have come to life. Doggie knocks all of the books off the shelf and Elmo knocks all of the DVD's off of the shelf. Then he yells at said toy, "Doggie, NO" or "Elmo, NO". They have also been enjoying meals with us.