Monday, October 31, 2005

Saturday's party...

you ask, was a blast. Had far too many jello shots and not enough food to counteract as a alcohol spounge. That means that mixed with Bacardi and club sodas with a twist of lime (low cal), is a mind blowing mixture. This leads to being a little tipsy and signing people's chests as "Ceasar" with a sharpie because hubby and I went as a Roman Emperor and Emperous (which in case you were wondering retail at $75 dollars at the friggin Spirit store) and Ceasar had nothing to do with me. After 3 hours of drinking it did.

Good times!

Friday, October 28, 2005


Figured the costume idea was funny and would be easy to do. Especially since we've decided to wait, yet again, until the last minute to figure out a costume for a costume party that we've known about for about a month now. Every time I have an idea, hubby thinks it's gay, and everytime I ask him what we should be he says, "I don't know". So now he tells me I have yet another gay idea and I guess I'm going on my own to find a costume. What the hell....

Last year we ended up spending about $75 on stupid costumes at party city and I was a stupid witch and he was some sort of wizard thing that didn't look like he belonged with me anyways.

Trick or friggin treat......

Halloween Costume Decision

Has been finalized. We are going as Dan and Roseanne!


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Back to the grindstone....

I started school again on Tuesday, which means back to 18 hour days again. Which also means, stock in coffee. Which also means, lots of homework. So now I only have 14 classes left in this semester...

Looks like Starbucks for dinner again.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Stop, go, stop, go....

Is there any perticular reason why there is an abundence of stoplights in this city? Or is it like that everywhere in the world? There is one on every corner. Especially on Sheriday Dr. Every 2 seconds you get caught at a red light. It takes about a half an hour to drive down a 4 mile stretch of road.

NT is the worst. (or for you non-natives of Buffalo, North Tonawanda). Every crossroad there is a stop sign, left turn signals, blinking lights; you can not proceed through this town with out hitting one light or another. To top it off they decided to make many of the lights "no right on red" which lengthens your trip also. These roads are only 30 mph roads. This really isn't a fast, dangerous speed. Stop signs would be just as good and everyone seems to understand the rules of those by now.

Is the stop light company hurting for business? Are they just putting these things up to keep things rolling at the stop light company? Or is this just a plot to piss people off during their every day travels.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You stink...

What are the five most potent smells in the world?

Coffee, Gasoline, Tuna fish, Popcorn and Skunk...and I smell like four of them at this very moment.

I went to get gas just now on my lunch break and I must of stepped in some, because now my shoes smell like gas and probably will the rest of the day. Then I bought a coffee from the gas station, and that is now smelling up the room. When I came back I popped my popcorn and grabbed my Tuna fish sandwich out of the fridge.

Now I am sitting at my desk, stinking up the joint. What are the odds that I will get sprayed by a skunk tonight....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Oh you big softy...

Sometimes I can have a masculine sense of humor as you may be able to tell from my previous posts, and I would have to associate that with the fact that I have two brothers and was surrounded by boys all of my life, but I am also a woman through and through, especially when it comes to my son.

I have such a soft spot in my heart for that kid. He is so cute and I love watching him learn new tricks and smile when I come into the room and listen to him babble! This weekend he learned how to clap the right way, with both hands open, instead of using one hand and one fist like he’s been doing. I was so proud of him that he learned how to do it. He gets so happy when we come home too. He claps for us and waves to us all with a big smile on his face!

I love that he just rambles on and on, saying things like, “da, da, da” and “ra, ra, ra” and shows his two little front bottom teeth!

Man that boy melts me!

Friday, October 21, 2005


So glad it's Friday. End of a long week and the start of a good weekend! Going to frieght fest at Darien Lake. Should be a good time.

To close out the week here is another hilarious picture from my friends at Dave's Daily.


Thursday, October 20, 2005


Caffeine at 8 o’clock pm is not a good idea. Especially when you know you have to get to bed around 10 o’clock to get a good night sleep. Take it from me who decided to visit Timmy Ho’s last night after the gym.

I enjoy my coffee while finishing the laundry and then decide to go to bed and watch some television before going to sleep. This was around 9 o’clock.

10 o’clock: (when I usually start to fall asleep) Heart is racing, eyes wide open.
10:15: I should shut off Sex and the City now and try to get some sleep. No I like this episode I’ll think I’ll watch it.
10:30: Another episode of Sex and the City and I’m still not tired so I’ll watch this one too.
11:00: Ok, really shut the tv off and go to sleep
11:10: TV is off now. Alright relax. Start playing games in my head to calm down….count from 100, 99, 98, 97……59? What the hell…how did I get there so fast..ok start over…..100, 99, 98….alright new game…
11:15: think of all the words that start with X.
11:20: xylophone, Xavier…..nope that’s all I got…
11:21: maybe I should write about this in my blog tomorrow.
11:30: I’m thirsty
12:00 am: finally I fall asleep.

I’m switching to decaf……

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

School starts...

in 6 days. Luckily these classes are only 8 weeks long. I'm taking Marketing and Advertising. The days are long but I keep telling myself that I am almost done. Last class is Business Law and I will be done with this school forever. 4 months and 27 days, but who's counting.

Graduation is May 24th. I'm ready!

So Billy, what did you bring for show and tell today?

My uncle's weed....


Friday, October 14, 2005

Do you do toad?

Just funny stuff....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good way to be remembered....

Boy lands on the moon, first ever from Buffalo. Woman from Buffalo becomes head of the Supreme Court. Man from Buffalo wins Nobel Prize.


This is what we are in headlines for.

Boy passes out in UB president's office.

Thanks for the memories.

Please identify the car.....

I think it is funny that guys can identify cars in 2 seconds flat….that was a 2000 Chevy Cavalier…some girls can do it too. I’m not one of those girls. Unless I actually see the logo on the front of the car I can’t tell what Make it is, and unless I read what it says on the back I can’t tell what Model it is and unless I see the title, I’ll don’t know what year it is. So all I can really give you information on is what color it was…

There was this car on fire yesterday on the Elmwood exit and I told a few people here at work and everyone asked me what kind of car it was. All I could tell in the 30 seconds I took to sneak a peek, was that it was black and on fire. That’s it. Nothing else. I have no idea how people do it.

I’ll stick with my 2001 Hyundai Accent, at least I know the details about that…..

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

About Me

I am 5’ 5”
I have brown hair and brown eyes
I weigh more than I should and I like it sometimes but sometimes I don’t
I love fashion but am not fashionable
I wish I could have been discovered but I never tried to be in the spotlight
I feel that to eat healthy is expensive and I wish I did
I should have been a vegetarian
I wish I had gone to a four year college out of state
I love to travel
I love to write
I sometimes have confidence in myself and you can tell when I don’t because I mumble
I sometimes have pity parties
I love my husband and my son
I sometimes am negative but I’ve always have an open mind
I am sometimes sarcastic
I am sometimes cocky
I care too much of what people think of me
I am fun
I laugh at funerals
I cry very little
I love my mother dearly, she has always been my best friend
I love my family
I love my friends
I hate my father and it feels good to finally say it and not feel guilty
I don’t like animals
I love to read
I know how to play the piano
I used to play the flute
I love to sing, but sing best in my car
I like taking care of people
I don’t let people take care of me
I find stupid people hard to tolerate
I am impatient to wait in line, but have patience to help
I am bored very easily
I have to stay busy
I believe experience makes you wise not age
I hope to be successful
I am a hard worker
I sometimes feel I don’t listen as well as I should
I remember phone numbers, birthdays, faces, but have trouble with names
I pass out at needles but I gave birth
I feel life is ironic
I love roller coasters
I love wine
I loved Italy
I want to go to Australia
I want to back pack through Europe
I wish I relocated just once
I don’t like my job
I’m concerned about others feelings when I think to find a new one
I really shouldn’t I need to find the right path
I think a lot
I wish I could ski
I like make people laugh
I want to be a comedian
I have laughed at people
I have been laughed at
I sometimes like to gossip
I sometimes daydream
I have a good imagination
I am artistic
I have a messy car but a clean desk
I love chocolate
I love to relax and have drinks
I wish more people would visit me
I wish I would visit more people
I wish life wasn’t so busy
I am afraid of death
I used to be scared of the dark
I am afraid of water
I almost drowned twice
I can’t swim
I am afraid of creepy eyes
I moved 10 times in my life
I have never seen Halloween, Friday the 13th, Jurrasic Park or Poltergeist
I love Jim Carry movies
I love Drew Berrymore movies
I only watch comedies or suspense movies
I was 15 when I first got drunk
I don’t like fake people
I adapt to my surroundings but am a leader
I like money
I like coffee houses
I don’t ask people to do stuff with me because I’m afraid they’ll say no and I’ll do it by myself anyways
I like seafood
I do not like to be copied
I finish when I start
I hate the doctors office
I sometimes put my foot in my mouth
I am a good mother
I am a good wife
I feel I am wasting time doing what I don’t want to do
I am 28 and still go to college
I sometimes worry
I can’t sit still when I’m home
I want to go to a spa
I want a pool
I sometimes feel I just settle for stuff
I love to hike but do not do it enough
I wonder how you feel when you read this

Monday, October 10, 2005

Halloween Part 1

To all of the forwarding junkies out there: please do not send me any puking pumpkins this year! Thank you.....

Friday, October 07, 2005

Not for the faint at heart....

There is good government assistance and bad government assistance. It should be readily available for people who are in a little bind and just can't make

My examples:

Good -

Husband is laid off from his job and is forced to collect unemployment because he is about to lose his house and his family is suffering and he is trying so hard to get back on his feet.

You are a student trying to make it on your own and pay for books that the bookstore just stripped of all you have and now you are eating tuna fish and crackers….you need some assistance to help support yourself while you try to get yourself done with school and back on your feet.


You just had your 8th baby and you’ve never worked a day in your life and you need some new bling.

I’m sorry if I have offended anyone, but I feel like I am working my ass off to support my family and so is my husband. And to take a break on my lunch and run an errand to the mall to see all of thse people there who probably do not have a job.

I love New York.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

If I had a million dollars

Things I would do if I won the lottery:

Hire my own hairdresser to wash and style my hair every morning.
Hire my own cook to make delicious meals for me all day, including fresh cut fruit for breakfast every morning.
Buy a house along the ocean. So every day I walk out my door the water is right there. Not in the tropics either. Along the east coasts of either Connecticut or Rhode Island. Where the seasons still change and I can launch my boat during the warmer days. I want a house with huge windows in my dining room, living room and kitchen overlooking the ocean And a big bathtub in my bathroom.
Buy a boat
A jet ski too.

This is what I am daydreaming about here at work today. I will come back to the reality of staring at these four, dull, grey walls every day.

Get your hats I'm having a pity party....

I get such a complex when people cancel on me. I know I’ve cancelled on people before, but I do sincerely try to do it with a little bit of notice and really try to reschedule. Not this 2 hours before thing and then it’s too late to make other plans crap.

I take this personally because I really try to keep up with friends and family and when I make plans with someone I utilize my calendar and try to make everything that I make plans for. If I know I can’t do it I won’t make plans just to say yes. I will say sorry I have things to do, or whatever. I try to give at least a days notice when something comes up. If I have plans with you, I will turn other things down that come up. I just feel that if I put this much effort into stuff why don’t people do the same for me?

Am I expecting too much? Am I too nice about it when people cancel that they think that they can do it to me all of the time? What a push over if that’s the case. Some of the same people do it to me over and over again too, and I have a lot of trouble believing them any more as to why they are canceling with me. That’s probably the biggest reason I take it personally.

So please, at least 24 hours notice or you will be charged….

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One more post...

I did the worst thing ever on my lunch today. I’d rather get punched in the face 1,000 times over instead of doing what I did today.


I hate Wal-Mart. No, I despise Wal-Mart. I have only been there about a handful of times and each time has been a worse experience than the one before. I had to buy diapers so I thought I would check it out to see how much I could really save, which isn’t much of a difference. I can’t believe I wasted a half hour of my life in there. I’ll never have that time back.

Drivers license, Credit card, blood sample, first born........

I went to Bank of America yesterday to open an account for my son, and not to discredit the Bank of America, but do you really need to give blood to deposit money? I walked into the branch and was greeted ever so nicely, “Welcome to Bank of America, Can I help you?” “Yes, I would like to open a savings account for my son.” “Ok, follow me over here and we’ll get started. My name is Cathy, and I’ll need two forms of id. Your driver’s license and a major credit card.” So I pull out my license and my debit card (which I have from a different bank) and lay them on the desk. Now if you own a debit card you know that it has a “VISA or MASTERCARD” logo on it and is, in many cases, considered a major credit card. Cathy: “I’m sorry but we don’t accept debit cards. Do you have anything else with a picture?” (Keep in mind major credit cards do not have a picture on it to begin with so I don’t know why I had to show something with a picture on it after that didn’t work). I said, “No, because I do not keep everything in my purse”. (Contents of my purse: License, debit card, Tops bonus card, Wegman’s shoppers club card, insurance card, AAA card, coffee card with 5 punches) I do not carry everything in my purse due to the fact that if it gets stolen then someone can steal my entire identity. With all this in mind I did not get the account, I said thanks for wasting my time and left.

I had to deposit $340 in this account. That’s it. All for my 7 month old son who doesn’t even know what money is yet, but he got some from his baptism. I could understand all of this hassle if I was withdrawing from my billion dollar Swiss bank account, but not for $340.

Thanks M&T for taking my money….

Needed: a wide angle lens.....

When did big guys on tv become all of the rage these past few years. Kevin James and Jim Belushi for instance on King of Queens and Life according to Jim. To top it off they are paired with these teeny tiny little women. Jim’s sidekick on that show too. How about the biggest loser? It’s about a bunch of overweight people running around for an hour and then crying at the end.

I’m not prejudice against big people. I know big people need lovin too. I’m not sure why television has taken this turn. I thought Hollywood has an image to maintain.

I was watching Life According to Jim last night and Jim’s brother in law Andy, the blonde guy with the HUGE gut was standing in his underwear. Last time I watched it that guy was wearing a diaper pretending he was Cupid. UGH! Why is that? Jim is funny so it does detract from the fact that he is a big guy in flannel. Same with Kevin James. Funny.

Screw your diets and let's go to Hollywood....

Monday, October 03, 2005

What life has taught me...

..that I am apparently much cooler when I've thrown back a few....