Thursday, June 29, 2006


No really Matt Lauer, all I'm looking for is a little respect.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My smoking protest

My walk by the river this afternoon, prompted me to write this. I have thought about this for a long time now, but have been waiting for the right circumstance to talk about it. I have a big concern for health care professionals smoking on the job.

There was this group of handicapped people there having lunch with their caregivers. One lady stepped away from the group to have a smoke and even though she was about 3 feet away, still was blowing her smoke into the group. I have no problem with people who smoke. I used to smoke. My husband smokes. His whole family smokes. With the number of warnings and all of the education out there, if you still choose to do it then that is your prerogative. I do have a problem with putting unhealthy or unknowing people at risk. I think that if you are on duty, put them out.

They banned smoking in bars in Buffalo, what about 3 years ago or so. You are supposed to be smoking in bars and the people who go there and stand in the smoke know the repercussions and they are entering at their own risk. Why is this issue not addressed to people who should not be around the smoke?

When my son first went to daycare, I chose a place that I wasn’t too sure about. It was close to work and that was really the only benefit. I went to feed him for those three days that he was there on my lunch and everyday something bothered me. The second day I got there and his teacher was on her break and was outside smoking. The third day I went there, all the kids in the nursery were coughing and she said “I don’t know why they are all having asthma problems today”. I could tell you why. She goes and smokes then holds the babies with their underdeveloped lungs. I got my kid out of there. My husband never smokes around him.

I think they should look at this issue a little further. Put the smoking back in the establishments that are there for that reason, and take it out of places that deserve to have clean air.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Can I borrow $86.24?

I will spare the details of my weekend, but to sum it up, nothing Friday, grad party on Saturday and park on Sunday for lunch.

I went to the Tops near my house yesterday evening for a weekly shopping trip. Figured I’d get it done then because I hate wasting my evenings after work on shopping because I want to spend quality time with my baby! Plus the beauty of a debit card is that you can spend the money before you have it.

I was so embarrassed when I went to check out. I tried my bank card, nothing. Jay tried his bank card, nothing. We both look at each other humiliated. There has to be something in the bank we can spend before we get paid. Then the manager came over (I went to high school with her, more embarrassing) and asked if there was a problem. I said yes that our bank cards were being denied, can I write a check. Sure she says, as long as you have check cashing on your bonus card. At this point I am at the highest level of embarrassment, and reply with an “I dunno” about the card thing. She goes and checks and sure enough I do. Good, phew………….

This leads to a huge fight in the car. You took out too much, no you…and so on….he then had to call his brother to cancel our little date at the asian buffet because of all of this. Miss the asian buffet? Ugh, the best Chinese you’ll ever have too…

I call the bank when I get home to see why I would have such a problem. They tell me it was a computer error. That all systems are down, and everyone is having a problem with their cards. Great thanks. Could you call my old high school classmate and reassure her that I have money? Then order us some General Tso's...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Thursday in the square was awesome last night! Blues Traveler was the main act. Loved them! Place was packed. Bumped into everyone, stepped in spilled beer and resisted my urge to pee due to the overly hot and stinky outhouses! It amazes me every year how many people come out of the wood work as true fans of the main act. There were tons of guys dressed like John Popper. What is the need for doing that? If you dress like him he will come out and shake your hand? What an honor to have someone dress like me, nice to meet you……

We then headed down to the new Buckin’ Buffalo bar. Country music fan or not, the place was packed! It was nice to see that end of Franklin Street with some life to it! Whenever I go to a bar like that, I think it’s funny how everyone has their own personal choreography to the songs that are on. Some people sing into their beer bottles, some have hand motions and facial expressions, some have dance moves and some just stand there taping their feet or moving their heads. There are some guys (or girls too) who say some of the dumbest things when they are out drinking too. This guy says to me (after grabbing my corona from the bar) “Um, excuse me, my friend and I are taking a personal survey to see if corona is a chick beer”. I think I replied with “yup” and went on my way, but that’s too funny. Any reason to talk to a girl, and really smoothly I might add.

Today I went to the dollar store for work. I had to buy some gift bags for some promotional items I was handing out to a customer. First let me say that our professionalism is slipping in this world, because some man asked me if (while I was looking at the bags) I worked there. I have on a pair of jeans, red shirt and my hair is in a ponytail (I know you are thinking that that’s not professional for where I work either, but it is dress down day and I’m allowed to dress like this once a week), but apparently I looked like everyone else in the store. The only way to tell was whether you had a nametag on or not. Forget the uniforms….

Then the cashier was running back and forth between cash registers. She had to blow up balloons for some guy, then come back to register 4 to cash people out, then she helped me with the bags, then back to the balloons and cashing out the guy who was buying them, then back to register 4 to cash me out along with a few other people. While all this was going on, both of her managers walked right passed her, neglecting the customers, and went into their little manager box (you know the one that has the two way mirrors on it). Who knows what they had to do, but save this poor girl’s butt. Isn’t that what a manager is supposed to do? I thought the customer came first. Guess not!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dear Mr. Pizza Shop owner,

I am writing to tell you how disgusting it was to find a hair, which appeared to be from down there, on my BBQ chicken wing, bought at your very well know Buffalo Establishment last night.

Please inspect your chicken wings before you send them to your customers.


Ms. Puking in the bathroom right now

Now what? Do I call and complain? Why aren't these places more sanitary if they are serving people food? Yuck.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Procrastination anyone??

Ok since this isn't really considered homework, I have been putting it off however I can. This essay I told her that I would have for her on Monday. Still no essay as of today. Ok really, tonight is essay night.

Went to the gym today and walked the treadmill for 25 minutes or so. Funny part was this guy came in and started his routine, and I could see him out of the corner of my eye looking over at me every few reps or so to see if I was looking at him. Um, yes I was out of the corner of my eye and I'm laughing at you looking at me....

They also have TV's there. Two of them right on the wall. Why is it that you have to watch this thing on closed captioning during your work out. It is not easy to read while your eyesight is bouncing up and down.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Here comes the bride....

We went to another wedding on Friday. It was fun. Let’s talk about wedding season if we can for just a moment. Everything people do these days are non-traditional, so why is the wedding still so traditional? You know, having babies first or moving in together. So why are weddings still followed by the usual norms that they have followed for generations?

The music – ya know the “wedding music”. The songs you only hear at weddings. Locomotion, the Electric Slide, the Twist, or the ever famous, Funky Coldmadeena….
Songs from the last 6 decades to keep everyone from 13 year old Susie to 99 year old Grandma entertained. I don’t understand how we listened to that stuff when it first came out let alone why we are keeping them alive today.

The “women’s” bathroom – a place for the little sister to sneak drinks and get sick far away from her parents. A place for young bridesmaids to cry and wish they had found 'the one'. A place for single women to yearn for that hot drunk guy at the wedding who just made eyes at her. To me, a place to go pee. I think I washed my hands the most that day. I would go in there to do some quick business and everyone was taking showers after they went. I didn’t want to look odd by doing the rinse, then heading back to the party. Is there a need for that much hand washing even if you really didn’t touch anything? Pat dry, then flush with your foot. No contact in the stall….

The tradition – the ceremony, the appetizers, the dinner, the dances, the cake, the drunkenness, the “watch Uncle Jim dance with the shade on his head”, the foofey dresses, the tuxes, the big thing you put the cards in in the corner, the big cake, and of course the other 50 million deserts.

They are fun though, I guess that is why we still do them the same way!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

MSG = Edible crack

There was no brainstorming on the essay last night. After the Texas Roadhouse we were all a little hyped up. We went to Lowe's for a new hose nozzle and grass seed (ooooh, the jealousy).

The food was good. I had ribs which fell off the bone. Jay got to pick his own steak. Quinn had some mac-n-chees. This stuff had to be loaded with MSG. There was absolutely no sleeping in our house last night until the 3 o'clock hour. Tossing and turning. Babies waking up ready to play at 2 in the morning. We didn't officially get to sleep until 3.

There must have been crack in our food. I'm tired today.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I have to write an essay...

For Medaille. I want to start in the Fall for my Bachelor's Degree. I mean I plan on starting in the Fall. I'm a little nervous. I've been at the Associate level for 11 years (on and off) and now that I'm finally to next level, I'm afraid of it. Will I fit in to this level? Am I being neurotic? Millions of people have done it, so what is the big deal?

I have to write a 500 word essay too. Will they not be impressed? Will they not accept me because of this? Why does it have to be done? I keep putting it off because I do not know what to say about why I want to get my bachelor's degree. The only reason I can think of is money or stability, but they don't want to hear that....Ugh...they need it soon too, so time to brainstorm. Time to brainstorm tonight over some steak at the Texas Roadhouse and a beer....that'll move me.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What the?

It is only 8:30 and I've had a hell of a morning. I woke up late. My son mashed my breakfast all over the table, so I had to clean it up, which caused me to leave late. I tripped in the driveway and bumped my knee on the car. I was turning left on to the road work is on and a construction vehicle almost ran me over. Of course I was late to work at this point. I get here and one of our customer's info is wrong, no one ever told me the right way. Hopefully it gets better from here.

Plus this morning I was wondering what the importance of shoes was? Why do we have to wear them all of the time. I get to work and this guy starts saying how he would love to walk around barefoot, he hates shoes. We could start a new trend.....

Monday, June 12, 2006

Crazy stuff

Dammit all for not having my camera with me on the drive home Friday afternoon. There were people picketing outside of the information center on Grand Island, with signs that read, “INFORMATION CENTERS ONLY SELL TOURS”. I couldn’t believe that people are wasting their time on this. They probably had a little pow wow after saying what a positive influence they had on the public. Even worse, they made it on the 6 o’clock news. Why did they bother with this story? How about picketing for the raise of taxes or something else worth while?

I don’t understand how people pick their battles. When the DaVinci code was released, there were millions of people giving their comments on it, how this was a bad influence on the Christian world. Didn’t they see this? I’m surprised they didn’t have a field day with the queen of pop.

Saturday was the wedding of Jay’s cousin. Had a great time. Good food, good music and of course druken family fun!

Sunday was a gardening day. I planted my bulbs in my garden and it was my first time doing it, so they will probably not grow, but I’ll give it a chance.

This morning I found my 14 year old niece on Great, now I know, but do I tell her mother? I probably will because I don’t want to see her get hurt. Especially if her quote is “I’m a cold hearted bitch and I’m good at it”. Nice, we need to talk.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Our Vacation!

Sunday May 28 – Left the house bright and early at 7 am. Got to the airport around 7:20 and took off at 8:20. Landed in Charleston South Carolina at noon. Went to California Dreaming Restaurant right on the harbor of Ashley River. Went to the beach house at 3 pm and stayed in the rest of the day. Watched the Sabres game and got settled in.

Monday May 29 – Beach all day long! Big sunburn! Did the Salen’s hot dog, Ted’s hot sauce, Weber’s mustard thing for dinner for our Southern hosts!

Tuesday May 30 – Went into Charleston. Took Quinn to the Children’s Museum, where he was able to play with all different things. There was activity room filled with ball tracks, where you put a golf ball through and they would spin through loops and go up and down hills. He loved that! There was a room filled with water filled tables, to simulate rivers. Lots of splashing! There was a room where you could simulate shopping at a grocery store. Little shelves filled with food, little shopping carts, little cash registers, and a little deli counter. All Quinn did was push the shopping cart into things and throw some apples. Then into the toddler area which was perfect for him. Little slides and jungle gyms and a big foam area full of foam shapes! Off to meet our group after where we then walked through the market and ate at T-Bonz. Sabres game again that night and some more time on the beach (covered that day for me!) Jay went with some people back into town and visited the sky bars.

Wednesday May 31 – Back into town for a trip to the Aquarium. There was a huge 350,000 gallon tank with all sorts of sea creatures in it! Divers too, who waved to Quinn in the stroller. Lunch at the IMAX Theater and a run around park to get the ants out of Quinn’s pants. Back to the house, ordered pizza, and then I went back into town and saw a 70’s soul group. Quianna Parler sang, who was 8 ½ months pregnant. She was accompanied by 3 other singers. Great show!

Thursday June 1 – Beach all day. Baby slept from 3-5 with daddy and I beached some more. Alone with a few Corona’s. Yes we were able to see the sad day for Buffalo, in a bar that was based on Buffalo. It was called Buffalo South and they served Labatt’s, Beef on Weck, Chicken Wings, and had Buffalo Bills and Sabres stuff everywhere. Of course they had the game on in there.

Friday June 2 – Another beach day. There was a birthday party that night for the son of the people we were visiting. He will be 2 on the 13th, but they wanted to celebrate while everyone was there. Had a babysitter that night, so we hit the sky bar together!

Saturday June 3 – All day into town. We went to the Charleston Museum where they had a fashion display from the 20’s. Oh and the history of the slavery/war period too. We had breakfast in this little diner called Mystic Café, and then later we went for ice cream at Cold Stone on our walk down King Street window shopping. Back to the house then for a while, then dinner at Applebee’s. Later we put the baby to bed and drank the rest of the alcohol with everyone (didn’t want that to go to waste!)

Sunday June 4 – Packed up and left the house at 10 am. Went to our host’s house and had lunch at the Crab Shack. Off to the airport at 3:30 and left Charleston at 5:30. Back in Buffalo at 8:30 and home by 9:30 PM.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Welcome Back!

Trip was excellent! Beautiful weather!

Charleston SC

No humidity
No sinus pressure
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fresh Seafood from the ocean
Shopping all over
Huge aquarium
A lot of history
6% sales tax
Maintained homes and buildings
Gallon of gas: $2.59

Vs. Buffalo NY

High humidity
Lots of sinus pressure
Greasy Chicken wings
Seafood from the Niagara river or imported (not so fresh)
Shopping in boring plazas
Tiny aquarium
A lot of history maybe, that no one knows much about
8.75% sales tax, plus service tax, plus state taxes, plus recycling fees (I could go on)
Run down homes and buildings
Gallon of Gas: $2.91

I think you get the picture
(More to follow about the week!)